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What is the AFV ?

The AFV (Association France Vivipares) is a French association of aquarists specialized in keeping, breeding and passing around livebearers (viviparous or ovoviviparous fish).

Anybody, whether a beginner or experienced aquarist, may become a member of the AFV, a group of both amateur fish keepers and scientists interested in either wild or selected/fancy livebearer species.

The AFV is affiliated to other various associations such as the German I.K.G.H. (Internationales Kuratorium Guppy Hochzucht), the GWG (Goodeid Working Group), the GSG (Gambusia Study Group) and the Fish Ark Project.


The AFV was founded back in June 1987. In 1988, the association organized its very first guppy competitions together with viviparous and ovoviviparous shows. In 1992 it held its first large scale European event.

In 1994 it organized the three rounds of its first French guppy breeders championship and awarded its first national prizes.

In 1998 it was entrusted with the organization of one of the rounds of the annual European championship: the efficient work, reliability, skills and competence of our association being thus acknowledged by our European peers of the I.K.G.H. ( Internationales Kuratorium Guppy-Hochzucht).

Then the AFV used to host one round of the European championship about every three years until 2008 and 2009 when the French breeders ranked in the first five European competitors, thenceforth allowing our association the right to organize one round of the championship every year.

In the late 90’s the AFV created its website, also recently opening an Internet forum which has proved a true success story.

In 2006, 470 fish tanks were set up to present fancy viviparous and ovoviviparous fish, together with numerous wild species some of which have now disappeared or are in danger of extinction in their natural environment: the latter species are then to be salvaged in our aquariums.

From 2009 to 2011, this record number of 470 tanks was again reached on the occasion of a double European event (trios of males and couples) also featuring the traditional display of all sorts of viviparous fish.

In 2011 the AFV numbered up to 250 members, a record figure making it the most important livebearer breeders association in the world !

This year 2012 we have just inaugurated our brand-new website and keep many more projects in store… We are then eagerly waiting for you to join us and enjoy the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the AFV !